Polishing Materials

Including polishing pad as our core business, we manufacture and sell products related to the precision polishing.

In order to supply products that meet high technological requirements for polishing performance, we have been continuing to research and development.

Also our product is processed at Ciegal Co., Ltd., we have established a quality management system of perfection in manufacturing and product inspection.

Wiping Cloths

We manufacture and sell wiping cloth that meet with each application such as polishing, optical and mechanical field.

This is a business area with many years of trust and results.

Industrial Products

We manufacture and sell materials for OA equipment and consumer electronics goods.

Potential of non-woven fabric is large, so we have been to meet the demands of the customer by using the data and technology obtained from many years of our experience.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of our non-woven fabric, we do product development to meet to applications in various fields.