Chiyoda Co., Ltd. continue to provide polishing pads for many years in the name of "CIEGAL" brand, and we have been contribute to the development of the world's semiconductor industry as a leading company particularly in the mirror polishing applications.

In recent years, with that IoT (Internet of Things) era has arrived, semiconductors and related materials are expected to increase more and more in demand.

Semiconductor material nor the adoption of high-performance materials such as SiC and GaN not only silicon is increasing, so it is essential that polishing pads correspond to a wide variety of polishing applications.

Therefore, we will continue to make products that meet the requirements of polishing performance and quality with the spirit of research and development.

In addition, industrial materials for OA equipment and high-performance wiping cloths that were created from the polishing cloth manufacturing technology have been highly evaluated by many of our customers.

We would like to continue to be a company to grow with our customers with industrial and polishing-related materials that meet customers requirement.

Mission Statement

We will contribute to the development of customer satisfaction
and society with sincerity answering and technological development
in the spirit of innovation and challenge.
Representative DirectorHajime Shiozawa

Company Information

Company nameChiyoda Co., Ltd.
Capital20 million yen
RepresentativeRepresentative Director Hajime Shiozawa
Number of employeesHead Office (11 people) factory (12 people)
Headquarters9F, Umeda kita place, 1-14-8, Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0012, Japan
Phone +81-6-6375-0051
Fax +81-6-6375-3079
Ciegal Co., Ltd.
25-1 Kuze-Gun Kumiyamacho Mori Kawabata, Kyoto, 613-0024 Japan
Phone +81-75-632-6969
Fax +81-75-632-6970
Business Manufacture and sale of
  • materials for polishing
  • materials for OA equipment
  • wiping cloths for industries
  • materials for industries
BankYamaguchi Bank
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation


1954Chiyoda Printing Co., Ltd., established in Kyoto, with capital of one million yen.
1973Transferred the headquarters to Higobashi Nishi-ku Osaka, and changed the company name to Chiyoda Co., Ltd.
1975Capital increased to 5 million yen. Started production and sales of the CIEGAL polishing cloths and industrial materials.
1981Capital increased to 20 million yen. Transferred the business headquarters to Kita-ku, Shibata Osaka.
1984Received the designation of Osaka Prefecture venture business loan companies.
1986Established Showa Polishing System Co., Ltd. for the purpose of polishing system sales at the same amount invested with Showa Denko K.K.
1994Established Ciegal Co., Ltd. for the purpose of processing of CIEGAL polishing pads. Transferred the business headquarters to kita-ku, Shibata Osaka.
1995Selled our share of Showa Polishing System Co., Ltd. to Showa Denko K.K. by the business structural reforms of Showa Denko K.K.
2002Kyoto Warehouse of Chiyoda Co., Ltd. and Ciegal Co., Ltd. obtained "ISO 9001" certification.
2017Transferred the business headquarters to Kita-ku, Shibata Osaka.